Welcome to the home of the Molalla River School District Community Bond Advisory Committee!

The Molalla River School District School Board is considering a potential capital construction bond measure to address aging facilities' needs.

It has been nearly 20 years since the passage of the last bond measure in the Molalla River School District. In that time, the number of students in our classrooms has increased, safety and security concerns have changed, and basic systems like electrical, heating, plumbing and roofs are aging and do not function as designed in some schools.

The Community Bond Advisory Committee is a volunteer group of community members, parents, and staff members tasked with assessing the District’s facilities needs to consider options for a potential capital construction bond. Together with industry experts, this group will review building conditions, educational adequacy assessments, and capacity analyses in order to address deficiencies, educational program changes, and enrollment growth.


What is the Process?

The charge of the Advisory Committee is to consider various options for a new bond proposal. The committee will meet 7-8 times from January-December 2023 and will:

  • Review the facilities needs identified in the District’s Facilities Assessment;
  • Consider options for financing a potential bond, including amount of bond and length of payback period;
  • Develop a timeline and long-term plan for addressing capital improvement projects relating to facilities needs;
  • Consider community feedback in creating the recommendation; and
  • Recommend to the School Board a potential bond package that could be submitted to voters.

Community Bond Advisory Committee Members:

  • Mac Corthell
  • Dwight Mason
  • Michelle Rickles
  • Lauren Lucht
  • Leota Childress
  • Sally Dillon
  • John Meyer
  • Corinne Johnsen
  • Tom Eskridge
  • Julie Bystrom
  • Sarah McArthur
  • Crystal Robles
  • Ron Higginbotham
  • James Lanahan
  • Kurt Brandemihl
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